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Helen Doron English, one of the world’s leading English language learning programmes, is taking its expertise to a whole new level – the final frontier! That’s right, we’re opening the first English learning centre on Mars, and we’re bringing our immersive teaching methods with us. Have you ever watched a science fiction movie or show […]

Oh, boy! Google offered your little genius a job! And who’s surprised? They’re a smart cookie, and thanks to the Helen Doron English methodology, they’re a little English-speaking wizard. They’ve got an impressive arsenal of English words and phrases at their disposal. They’re basically fluent, which is more than most of us can say. But […]

Read Time: 1 Minute In a surprising move that shook the company, Helen Doron English CEO, Ms Helen Doron, has decided to let children write her social media video scripts. “Children are the future,” says Helen. “At Helen Doron, we put children’s needs first, and truly listen to each and every student. So, it only […]

Is your child constantly begging to go to English class, even on the weekends? Do they get overly excited when they learn a new English word? Are they singing and dancing in English all day long? If so, your child may be suffering from Excessive Learning Enjoyment Syndrome, or ELES for short. This condition was […]

Happy International Women’s Day! Have you ever heard someone say “treat everyone the same”? While that sounds like a great idea, it’s not always the best solution to ensure everyone has what they need to succeed. This is why today we’re talking about two important words that help us create a fair and just world […]

“The growth numbers speak for themselves, but it’s the efficacy of the Helen Doron English model that truly makes the education brand stand above its competition. After 18 years with this company, I can see the results in our students. The reports that we receive from Cambridge exams show us that the results of our […]