Core Principles

Helen Doron Educational Group’s proven methodology is built upon six main core principles, resulting in effective and successful learning.

Fun Learning

The Helen Doron teaching method takes children’s unique learning styles into account. Games, movement, music and lots of fun maximizekids’ natural love of learning and tendency and ability to absorb new material.
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Hands-on, Interactive Learning

Helen Doron’s innovative and unique approach to teaching is all about hands-on learning and turning real-life experiences into understanding concepts. Learning is fun, interactive, and effortless, bringing movement, music, puzzles, and activities into the classroom.
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Positive Reinforcement

Highly trained, professional teachers provide ongoing positive reinforcement to build children’s self-esteem and nurture and inspire them to learn. Praise is of vital importance to make a child confident and to feel good about themselves. There are no wrong answers!
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Personal Learning

Helen Doron teaches through fun, engaging and stress-free lessons filled with music, games and a wide variety of carefully planned activities, so children learn easily and naturally. Each class has only 4-8 students, so each specially trained teacher can give every child the personal attention they need to learn best. It’s no wonder that kids love coming to classes!
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Spiral Learning

Spiral learning is a very natural process. Topics learned are repeated in different contexts over the years for long-lasting knowledge. Instead of trying to master a subject all at once, spiral learning teaches a concept gradually and repeatedly, reinforcing it over time. Each time a student encounters the topic, their knowledge grows and improves their skill level.
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Songs are a central theme in all Helen Doron programs. Music is a powerful instrument and an integral part of the method; an exceptional tool featuring a massive variety of original music that no other company shares.
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