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Teachers Training Courses

At the heart of our network are our dedicated, passionate teachers, and it’s important that they receive the very best training in the industry. Specialized, selected teacher trainers around the world hold intensive Teacher Training Courses, and those who successfully complete the training are qualified to teach anywhere there are Helen Doron Learning Centers. Helen Doron teachers are also obligated to attend ongoing trainings to learn new materials and courses.

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Zoom Training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, training sessions are available live on Zoom for those unable to attend in person. We find that Zoom training is just as effective, whilst allowing more flexibility, while connecting teachers from across the network, who can now attend the same session together and learn from one another by adding their unique perspective to the course.

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Teachers Forum on Facebook

Helen Doron teachers around the world feel like they are part of a global community and share pedagogic ideas, creative props, and other topics on the very popular Helen Doron Teacher’s Forum on Facebook.

Teachers Forum on Facebook