Songs are a central theme in all Helen Doron programs. Music is a powerful instrument and an integral part of the method; an exceptional tool featuring a massive variety of original music that no other company shares.

Helen’s love of music and singing is reflected in every course, while her humanitarian values are taught through song lyrics and in the music itself.

Research shows that music is a superpower that profoundly affects the human brain, and the benefits of integrating music into learning are outstanding. Studies have shown that listening to music can benefit overall well-being and help balance emotions. All courses are jam-packed with original songs, educational materials that are easily absorbed, making learning natural, joyful and relaxed.

The music presented in each program is extremely varied, using as many different styles as possible and comprise a full range of ethnicities and styles including African, Samba, Oriental, Middle Eastern, Latino, Rock, Twist, Pop, Rap, Tango, Folk, Hip-Hop, Yemenite and more!