“To provide educational excellence, enjoyment and creativity through unique
methodologies, materials and technologies, benefitting children everywhere.”

Helen Doron Educational Group provides the framework and rich content curriculum for children ages three months – 19 years to succeed in today’s world and realize their full potential. All programs teach children most naturally and delightfully, so every lesson is fun, effortless and students don’t even realize they are learning!

Helen Doron, British linguistic scientist and entrepreneur, developed this unique methodology to teach English to children in the same way as they learn their mother tongue. Beginning in 1985, Helen’s vision to provide quality, brain-stimulating education to children has been realized, inspiring millions of students and an entire network of franchisees and teachers in 40 countries.

The Helen Doron Educational Group stands at the forefront of education innovation for children, with an intense focus on R&D, resulting in a wealth of content-rich programs, tools, original songs, apps and much more to support fun, natural learning!

Fun curricula for children ages three months to 19 years

A Moment with Helen

Watch Helen Doron explaining in her own words the importance of starting as early as possible, how to easily gift your child with an additional mother tongue, why it is beneficial for children to be multilingual, and other interesting linguistic and educational subjects.

Benefits of an Early Start

For over 35 years, we’ve developed and taught various programs for English, mathematics, kindergartens and movement, and we know that babies start learning while still in the womb, so it’s NEVER too early to start learning! Learn More »

Core Principles


Highly trained, professional teachers provide ongoing positive reinforcement to build children’s self-esteem and nurture and inspire them to learn. Praise is of vital importance to make a child confident and to feel good about themselves. There are no wrong answers!
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Behind the Methodology


As a linguistic scientist, Helen Doron has proven that the pioneering methodology works across all countries and cultures through both empirical and academic research. Research has shown that an enhanced learning environment improves the quality of gaining knowledge or skills
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Developmental Milestones


Every child is unique and reaches developmental milestones (the functional skills and tasks for each age and stage) at their own individual pace. All our activities feature a variety of learning styles and skill levels to help each child grow and reach their potential.
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Children's Wellbeing


At Helen Doron Educational Group, as part of our comprehensive approach, we are devoted to helping and guiding parents to raise healthy children who reach their full potential. This holistic focus includes creating a safe environment, providing the stimulation and encouragement they need, inspiring a healthy lifestyle and becoming a contributing member of their communities
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Academic Background


Enter any Helen Doron classroom and you will find children in the midst of joyful learning, play and discovery. Children learn effortlessly through fun, age-appropriate activities and positive feedback from teachers. Our methodology, based on 35 years of educational excellence and proven success includes a curriculum that instils a life-long love of learning through positive reinforcement and a supportive environment.
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