Batman is So SO Cool: Helen Doron Lets Kids Write Video Scripts

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In a surprising move that shook the company, Helen Doron English CEO, Ms Helen Doron, has decided to let children write her social media video scripts.

“Children are the future,” says Helen. “At Helen Doron, we put children’s needs first, and truly listen to each and every student. So, it only made sense to let them be in charge of our video marketing.”

This ground-breaking decision has been met with mixed reactions. Some parents across the vast global educational network have praised the move, saying that it shows how much Helen Doron English values its students. Others, however, have expressed concerns about the messaging that children will produce.

“I’m not sure that letting children do marketing is such a good idea,” said Anatolie, a concerned parent from Romania, “They might convince us all to let them switch to a sweets-only diet.”

Despite the many concerns coming into her office, Helen stands by her decision. “Our students are the best and the brightest,” she says. “We educate them to lead healthy lifestyles. Our lessons teach far more than English. We instil values of acceptance, kindness, and sustainability. I do not doubt that our students can produce some truly amazing content that will showcase the power of our method.”

With Helen Doron’s innovative teaching methods and commitment to creating a fun and engaging learning environment, it’s guaranteed that we’ll have some exciting content to come!

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