Benefits of Early Childhood Education

What Are The Benefits Of Early Learning? Why Do We Say "The Earlier, The Better"?

For over 35 years, we’ve developed and taught various programs for English, mathematics, kindergartens and movement, and we know that babies start learning while still in the womb, so it’s NEVER too early to start learning!

Young children are like sponges; every new experience, word, and skill is absorbed and plays a vital part in their present and future development. All Helen Doron programs are based on scientific and pedagogic knowledge, as well as successful experience teaching young children around the world.

benefits of early childhood education

Boosting Brain Development

The early years are essential; your child’s environment and interactions strongly influence how the brain grows. We have 86 billion brain cells, and most of them are produced while still in the womb.

Babies are born ready to learn, and their genes do not only affect their brains; the environment around children plays a significant role in brain development. The proper stimulation connects the brain cells, and these connections are the basis of all your child will learn! The more you connect them, the greater your child’s ability will be in school and throughout life.