Positive Reinforcement

Highly trained, professional teachers provide ongoing positive reinforcement to build children’s self-esteem and nurture and inspire them to learn. Praise is vital to make a child confident and feel good about themselves. There are no wrong answers! 

Helen Doron teachers are trained to provide positive reinforcement and build on how children naturally learn. The whole learning process reinforces for the child that ‘yes, I can!’ They are encouraged and nurtured, and this support is, in so many ways, counter to the traditional methods of teaching and even of parenting. The methodology teaches people and takes them through a process of how to give feedback and how to help children grow. This positive approach creates a healthy mindset that affects all our relationships, not just those in the classroom.

The Helen Doron methodology is based on years of experience and knowledge. Our focus on making learning fun, small groups, background hearing, and positive reinforcement has been tested over time. Every class is designed with a variety of activities to cater to every learning style. Our unique learning materials feature original stories, songs, and animations to make learning joyful and inspiring!