IWD 2023 – Embracing Equity

What's the difference between "Equality" and "Equity

Happy International Women’s Day!

Have you ever heard someone say “treat everyone the same”? While that sounds like a great idea, it’s not always the best solution to ensure everyone has what they need to succeed. This is why today we’re talking about two important words that help us create a fair and just world for everyone: “Equality” and “Equity”.

Equality means treating everyone the same, no matter who they are or what they need. It’s like giving everyone strawberries as an afternoon snack, even if one child is allergic to strawberries and can’t eat them. One child will remain hungry!

That’s because “Equality” is not the same as “Equity”. Sure, they look similar and even sound similar, but they represent two very different concepts.

Sometimes, treating everyone the same isn’t enough to make sure everyone has what they need. That’s where equity comes in! Equity is a word that means giving people what suits them best to help them thrive, even if that means giving different things to different people, or if some kids get bananas and some strawberries. It’s even okay to give some people more than others, if that is what would help them reach their goals and make the world a better place.

2 scissors , one for left handed and one for right handed

Imagine you have two children, one who is left-handed and one who is right-handed. If you give both children the same pair of scissors, designed for right-handed people, the left-handed child might have a harder time cutting with them. They both get an equal type of scissors, but only one of the children can work easily with what they were given.

If you give each child scissors that are designed for their dominant hand, then both children will be able to cut their arts and crafts easily and succeed! That’s what equity looks like.

At Helen Doron English, we understand the importance of equity and promote equality in all aspects of our programmes. We make sure that every child gets what they need to succeed, no matter who they are or what they need. And we’re proud to be a female-centred company, founded and run by a strong woman, Helen Doron!

Helen Doron CEO emrace herself

By embracing equity, we can create a world where everyone has what they need to succeed, no matter who they are or where they come from!

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