Providing for our network, we develop global campaigns to strengthen our brand awareness and consistency of messaging across the different markets. Here are some of our recent campaigns which were promoted across the network channels and pages.

Teachers recruitment 2022

Teachers Recruitment 2022

The campaign message is “Teach Out of the Box,” calling for creative, passionate, and playfully-engaging, English-speaking teachers to join our network. The messaging emphasizes how Helen Doron is far more than a career choice. It is a LIFESTYLE choice.

English teacher recruitment
become a helen doron english teacher
12 days of helen doron christmas surprise

Christmas 2021

This exciting campaign consisted of 12 activity Christmas gifts for download directly from a dedicated landing page, and each day a new gift became available. Every present contained a unique, Christmas-themed activity for children to do at home during the holiday season, so children could enjoy the engaging activities from home during their holiday’s vacation.
mathriders season greeting
helen doron international seasons greetings
Back to school 2022 -2023 for helen doron english courses

Back to School 2022 - 2023

The annual Back to School campaign is the most important project of the year.
This year, we have decided to go back to basics and remind parents of the importance of English fluency. English is THE international language through which everyone in the world communicates and interacts. This is how one can get along and progress in any aspect of life – travel, work, education, entertainment, mass communication, and making friends with people abroad. 

back to school helen doron english
back to school 2022-2023 - helen doron english values