Does My Child Suffer from ELES

Does My Child Suffer from ELES?

Is your child constantly begging to go to English class, even on the weekends? Do they get overly excited when they learn a new English word? Are they singing and dancing in English all day long? If so, your child may be suffering from Excessive Learning Enjoyment Syndrome, or ELES for short.

This condition was first discovered in Helen Doron English students who just can’t get enough of learning English. They love it so much that they’re practically begging their parents to take them to class every day. And the worst part? They’re having fun while they’re learning!

The condition has spread to over 40 countries worldwide, and parents are worried sick. “I’m completely at a loss,” says M., mother to an 8-year-old girl from Düsseldorf, Germany. “Gisela keeps waking me up at night, begging me to take her to English class. I haven’t slept in two weeks!”

“Things have got completely out of hand,” agrees D., father to a 6-year-old boy in Paris, France. “Éliott’s teachers started ghosting me. They won’t take my calls anymore because they can’t give my boy more homework!”

Helen Doron English learning centres around the world are forced to shut their gates to newcomers. “More and more students pound on our doors every day,” says Manuel, a Helen Doron English director in Spain. “We simply can’t hold them back anymore!”

Parents are bombarding CEO Helen Doron with requests to put a stop to this madness. They can’t keep up with their children’s rapid pace of learning English. And let’s be honest, who wants their children to speak English so fluently that they can’t use it as their secret language to talk about adult topics in front of them?

In a recent statement, Helen Doron apologised to parents for being the cause of this madness. “We never intended our programmes to be so enjoyable that it would lead to a pandemic. We’re working on a solution to keep the learning fun, but not too fun.”

But it’s not just Helen who’s concerned. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a statement saying they’re very worried about this new pandemic and are advising parents to be alert and follow further instructions as the situation develops.


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