The Helen Doron global network includes the Head Office team, franchisees, teachers, students and parents in 40 countries. The network is rapidly expanding, while maintaining its core values and community spirit, where everyone is included to feel like they are part of a family.

Annual Master Franchise Conference

Master franchisees from across the globe, as well as the head office team, meet together annually to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. This festive gathering is a chance for Helen Doron franchisees to receive inspiration and encouragement from one another, strengthening the unique bond and methodology that makes us all a part of the Helen Doron Educational Group.

Franchisee Community

Annual Master Franchise Conference Every year, the entire Master Franchise community gathers for a few days to share ideas, discuss strategies and learn from each other, as well as featured experts
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Teacher Community


Teachers Training Courses
At the heart of our network is our dedicated, passionate teachers and it’s important that they receive the very best training in the industry. 
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Student Community


TeenBuzz Radio Community
The TeenBuzz Radio Community for teens, was created following feedback from our teen students from around the world who wanted a cool place where they could hang out and get to know each other virtually.
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Social Responsibility


Our company culture is grounded in a commitment to issues that impact children everywhere. From relieving distress in a crisis, to fostering understanding on a local level or promoting animal welfare
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