Interactive educational tools

All programs feature a wide variety of enhanced learning tools that students can use to enrich their learning at home, developed as part of the repeated hearing experience essential to all Helen Doron English courses. In this way, the classroom’s interactive, fun learning continues in the home environment.

Helen Doron Stream Logo

Helen Doron Stream for Registered Students

Learning English outside of Helen Doron classes can take place anytime and anywhere. Video episodes, songs and audio are here on Helen Doron Stream. As an essential tool to reinforce English skills, they are designed to be listened to at home in the background, so the sounds and rhythm of the language are absorbed naturally!
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Kangi Club logo

Kangi Club

The Kangi Club games portal gives children of all ages and English fluency levels the opportunity to build their own avatars, play over 100 interactive games and watch their favourite characters on the streamlined video player. Kangi Club will teach your child how to apply English to their everyday lives while having fun!
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Helen Doron Song Club Logo

Sing Along with the Song Club!

Children love music, and the Helen Doron Song Club on YouTube makes it easy for even babies to learn English while having fun! With a wide variety of engaging, educational and whimsical animated videos for ages 0-6, your child will have hours of fun singing along— all while learning English!
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Teen Buzz Radio logo

TeenBuzz Radio

The 24/7 programming is targeted at helping young people everywhere improve their English through music, stories, quizzes, contests, several types of news, special guest interviews, targeted country weeks, teen student broadcasting and MUCH more! The station attracts listeners from over 200 countries, with thousands listening daily!
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Helen Doron TV

There is something for every member of the family on Helen Doron TV! Providing free, entertaining, educational enrichment for parents, babies, children and teens, the Helen Doron Smart TV app makes absorbing English fun by bringing the company’s unique digital assets into every home in a safe and secure environment.

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Educational Apps

Our educational apps add to making learning fun, natural and exciting anywhere and anytime!

Alphachat app logo

Alphachat Makes Reading and Writing a SNAP!

Reading and writing are easy and enjoyable with Alphaboat and ‎friends! For ages 5-9, the player needs to communicate with new friends by sending them emoji messages.

Read English with Helen Doron read

Learn to Read English with Helen Doron Read

With this app for ages 4-9, learning to read in English is fun! Developed by linguistic experts, children learn to read in their own time and at their own pace. With Helen Doron Read, children can hear the word spoken correctly, see the correct spelling and practise saying the letter, word and sentence.

Bedtime stories with grandma app

Bedtime Stories

Through these beautifully crafted classic folk tales, updated to this day and age, children learn about sharing, dealing with disappointment, love and more. The children can listen to Grandma Rosetta telling the stories, follow the illuminated text, and enjoy the beautiful illustrations.

Fun with Flupe logo

Fun with Flupe English Words

Kids 2-5 years learn their first words in English with their friend Flupe!  Simply touch and discover! English is easy to learn when you’re a preschooler having fun with Helen Doron English!

Jump with Joey logo

Jump with Joey

It’s magic! Original stories come alive as kids ages 6-9 learn English with 3-D animation and sound. Watch and hear Joey and friends come to life to teach numbers, counting and spelling. Kids hear correctly spoken English while having fun!

Dragon Tales Logo

Dragon Tales

The Dragon Tales Series Magic Wand app is a joyful, musical introduction to English for young learners. Didi the Dragon, Sam the prince, and Fluffy the cat playfully introduce basic English language!