Pedagogic Backup

Our dedicated pedagogics department, led by Helen Doron, has created 37 complete programs for all ages and levels, featuring rich content, including stories, songs, rhymes, games & activities tailored to children’s developmental stages. Our focus is on giving children a head start, seizing the window of opportunity to expand their minds & boost their brains. Studies have proven that the methodology is the best way for children to learn, showing how positive reinforcement and hands-on learning make the Helen Doron way so effective. Helen Doron students get excellent results on Cambridge exams and meet the Common European Framework of Reference standards.

Early childhood developmental stages by pedagogic backup

Teachers Trainings

5-day initial Teacher Training Course and ongoing pedagogic seminars by highly trained teacher trainers (most currently being held online due to the Covid-19 situation)

  • Annual Teacher Conferences
  • Quality Assurance for teaching