Providing for our network, we develop global campaigns to strengthen our brand awareness and consistency of messaging across the different markets. Here are some of our recent campaigns which were promoted across the network channels and pages.

Helen Doron English Décor 2023

We are happy to provide comprehensive Décor Guidelines and  collateral for Helen Doron English Learning and Teen Centres.

The Helen Doron English brand is a global entity bringing tremendous value to your Learning Centre. Recognised and respected worldwide, the brand connects you to
about 1,000 HDE Learning Centres globally.

Our Learning Centres worldwide are located in different places and feature many variations. Some of your learning centres are situated within a shopping mall, others face the street, and many others can be found on the upper floors of

B2B Recruitment Campaign 2023

The pandemic has caused a shift in the job market. It shook people up and provided time to rethink their paths in life. People gained a new-found appreciation of nature, family, and education. They pursued passion projects and became accustomed to the flexibility between work and home.

This unexpected change caused millions of people to quit their jobs and pursue more fulfilling careers. This “Great Resignation” (as coined by an American academic) is, in fact, more of an act of re-imagination – and it is just what the world of franchising needs.
Franchising enables people to open their own businesses with the support and guidance of an established business model and a reputable brand. It lowers the risks and makes for a safer investment. As Master Franchisees, you can seize the opportunities created by the so-called “Great Resignation”, and by doing so, you can help your business while also helping to tackle many of the challenges that this employment shift presented.

All of this led us to create a campaign highlighting the benefits of franchising or teaching with Helen Doron in a way that suits the current job market trends. We show potential leads that the flexibility, passion, and fulfilment they seek lie with us – with a global, supportive and well-established community that caters to children’s education.

Holiday English Fun 2023

It’s already time to start planning for the school holidays, and with the pandemic (mostly) behind us, we can plan normal activities in the learning centres and take advantage of the great outdoors! Holiday courses are a great way to attract new students whose parents are looking for enriching, educational activities to participate in over school vacations, as well as maintain our current students, who already know and love the unique way we teach English.

We offer holiday courses for every age and stage, starting with beginners to the English language up through the new “It’s Always Debatable” course, where graduates can qualify to participate in international debating competitions…and everything in between.