Providing for our network, we develop global campaigns to strengthen our brand awareness and consistency of messaging across the different markets. Here are some of our recent campaigns which were promoted across the network channels and pages.

Back to School 2023

We are thrilled to present you with the “Exceptional Experience” Back to School 2023 marketing package!

As with every year, our campaign is designed to highlight the unique Helen Doron English methodology and showcase the incredible experiences children can have while learning with us.

In line with our marketing strategy of keeping a personal and authentic approach, and putting the child in the centre, this year in particular, we focus on the individual child’s story and experience.

Visually, we show the emotions of our students (and their parents) experiencing the joy, discovery, friendship, empowerment, belonging, and love our programs offer.

The campaign focuses on children’s journey of discovery, emphasizing those incredible moments when they learn a new word, make a new friend, bond with their teacher, or create something beautiful.

Authentic Marketing 2023

Authentic Marketing is not just a buzzword; it is a transformative approach to connecting with our customers on a deeper level. It is founded on the principles of honesty, transparency, and a genuine desire to provide value to our customers. Authentic Marketing stands out as a breath of fresh air in the age of tech-savvy and independent consumers. We are no longer just selling a service but building customer relationships and trust.

By being authentic, we create loyal customers who become our best advocates. Some common practices include sharing real customer stories, transparent communication, and nurturing online communities.

This initial package covers various topics, offering a framework, rationale, tips and tactics where applicable, and templates for maximum flexibility in customising materials. Some key topics include:

  • Customer & Employee Advocacy
  • Referral Marketing
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials
  • User-Generated-Content

New Decor 2023

We are happy to provide comprehensive Décor Guidelines and collateral for Helen Doron English Learning and Teen Centers.

The Helen Doron English brand is a global entity bringing tremendous value to your Learning Center. Recognized and respected worldwide, the brand connects you to about 1,000 HDE Learning Centres globally.

This guide shows how to brand your Learning Center correctly, ensuring all centers are consistently aligned everywhere.
Our Learning Centres worldwide are located in different places and feature many variations. Some of your learning centres are situated within a shopping
mall, others face the street, and many others can be found on the upper floors of buildings.

B2B Recruitment Campaign 2023

The pandemic has caused a shift in the job market. It shook people up and provided time to rethink their paths in life. People gained a new-found appreciation of nature, family, and education. They pursued passion projects and became accustomed to the flexibility between work and home.

This unexpected change caused millions of people to quit their jobs and pursue more fulfilling careers. This “Great Resignation” (as coined by an American academic) is, in fact, more of an act of re-imagination – and it is just what the world of franchising needs.
Franchising enables people to open their own businesses with the support and guidance of an established business model and a reputable brand. It lowers the risks and makes for a safer investment. As Master Franchisees, you can seize the opportunities created by the so-called “Great Resignation”, and by doing so, you can help your business while also helping to tackle many of the challenges that this employment shift presented.

All of this led us to create a campaign highlighting the benefits of franchising or teaching with Helen Doron in a way that suits the current job market trends. We show potential leads that the flexibility, passion, and fulfillment they seek lie with us – with a global, supportive and well-established community that caters to children’s education.

Helen Doron Opens New Learning Studio in Emmendingen Southern Germany

We’re pleased to announce that Silvana Ionica has established a new Learning Studio in the southwest area of Germany, close to the historic city of Freiburg. After teaching there for nearly five years, Silvana decided

A Milestone Tour Across Eastern Europe: Celebrating the Success of Helen Doron English Part 2

On to the Czech Republic!The journey continued to our Opava Learning Centre in the Czech Republic, where Helen met with National Franchisee Marek Halfar and National Franchise Manager Barbora Tošenovská, as well as veteran Teacher

A Milestone Tour Across Eastern Europe: Celebrating the Success of Helen Doron English Part 1

Helen Doron’s recent visit to Poland and Czechia was nothing short of remarkable, seeing the profound impact of the Helen Doron English methodology on students and educators alike and sharing valuable insights about our unique

Helen Doron Academies and Learning Centre Expansion in Turkey

There is lots of good news from Helen Doron Academies and Helen Doron Learning Centres in Turkey! Eli Fefer, the Chief Customer Officer of the Helen Doron Educational Group recently visited and witnessed first-hand the

Expansion of Helen Doron English Learning Centres in Spain, 2023

We are about halfway through 2023, and the expansion of Helen Doron English Learning Centres in Spain is exceptionally busy, driven by the growing demand from parents seeking quality English education for their children. Among