How to Practise English Using Chat GPT

how use use chatGPT to learn English

The best way to learn a language is to speak it. Or, in our case – write it.

As firm believers in offering children an immersive English-speaking environment, we are always on the lookout for fun new ways to help children learn English. In recent months, an exciting new tool has taken the world by storm. You might have heard about it here and there – Chat GPT.

This amazing Artificial Intelligence model is built on an enormous language database. It is knowledgeable, conversational, and, most of all – friendly! Chat GPT can be your new virtual language partner and a great way to get comfortable with the tool and build confidence in speaking English.

Chat GPT communicates best in English. If your child can read and write basic English, they can start playing with Chat GPT.

Start with Simple Prompts. Your child can ask Chat GPT about basic things like the weather, what colour the sky is, or even what to do for fun. Chat GPT will respond with suggestions like “Let’s Play 20 Questions!”

Practise Different Tenses and Grammar Structures. Chat GPT is a safe space for your child to practice different tenses and grammar structures. They can try out the present perfect, practice using prepositions, or even experiment with complex sentences. Chat GPT won’t judge and will help your child become more fluent in English.

Make It Silly. Your child can have some fun with Chat GPT! They can ask it to tell a joke or share a funny story. This is a great way to build confidence and learn how to express themselves in a more relaxed setting.

Improve Listening Skills. Your child can even use Chat GPT to improve their listening skills. They can ask Chat GPT to dictate a text and try to transcribe what it says. This is a great exercise for understanding spoken English.

Chat with A Famous Person. One of the coolest things about Chat GPT is that it can generate text in the style of famous people. Your child can have a conversation with their favourite celebrity or historical figure, and Chat GPT will “speak” in their voice!

In summary, Chat GPT is a fun and engaging way for your child to practise English. They can experiment with different tenses and structures, have some laughs, and even chat with famous people! Give it a try and watch your child’s language skills soar.


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