Our Methodology

The Helen Doron methodology has been taught worldwide for decades with incredible results. Based on a deep understanding of how children learn best, it supports all of their developmental milestones and different learning styles. Using stories, songs, rhymes, and movement to stimulate all the senses, we create a memorable and enriching learning experience.

Here, every child has the opportunity to develop at their own pace, getting the personal attention they deserve. Most of all, they each get the positive reinforcement that helps them thrive and build self-esteem.

Children LOVE to learn and play and they learn best when having fun. The Helen Doron teaching and learning method, developed by linguists and pedagogic professionals, is based on years of experience, knowledge, and academic research. 

Our Unique Methodology

Repeated Background Hearing

Total language immersion means your child hears English songs and stories in the background, to absorb language naturally.

Positive Reinforcement

Builds confidence and inspiration to learn. There are no wrong answers here, and we encourage children to speak their minds.

Carefully Planned Curricula

Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of every age group, developmental stage, and English skill level.

In Our Lessons

Fun and Active Learning

Action-packed, exciting, and dynamic lessons make it effortless to absorb new material.

Activities and Games

Hands-on, interactive learning makes understanding concepts fun and easy.

Songs and Music

Our fun lyrics reinforce language through rhymes, rhythm, and upbeat melodies, so our students never forget their English.