Global Franchise Magazine: Celebrating Franchise Successes From teacher to multi-unit franchisee

Celebrating Franchise Successes

Joanna Cesarz-Krzystanek from Tychy, Poland, is one of our most famous and veteran Master Franchisees with two decades of experience and a record-breaking number of learning centres.

This phenomenal businesswoman started off as a Helen Doron English teacher 22 years ago and built her Helen Doron career into an educational franchise empire. On a recent visit to Head Office for business training, accompanied by 20 of her 60 franchisees, Joanna shared some of the secrets of her success: “When I started out 22 years ago, nobody taught very young children; they didn’t believe it could really work. Back then, there was nothing like it in the market. Nobody heard of teaching three-year-olds, not to mention even younger. I knew parents want their kids to speak English as they had to make a huge effort to learn it when they were much older. I had no proof to show, as I had only just started teaching, but my enthusiasm was so strong that other teachers and potential franchisees felt inspired to join the team.”

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