Global Franchise Magazine: Franchise Success Story in Hungary

Szilvia began her career as an English and maths teacher and computer programmer, and was well on her way to completing a law degree. Upon the birth of her daughter, however, Szilvia made the decision to purchase her first Helen Doron Learning Center – and she hasn’t looked back since!

Szilvia’s daughter, Villő, also opened her eyes to the benefits of customized learning from an early age. “I live with my 12-year old daughter, Villő. She was born in 2009 and has multiple learning disabilities, limited hearing and
visual impairment. She also has ADHD. But I am very proud of her because she could be integrated into the national school system despite all these difficulties. She is a very bright, lively and happy girl, and I have learned so much from her in the last 12 years that I am very grateful for,” says Szilvia. “It’s very interesting that she was diagnosed with severe hypotonia just when I did my Helen Doron Teacher Training. The Helen Doron English methodology that I was just getting to know as a teacher from the teacher training, and the concept of positive reinforcement and all the ideas that Helen so wonderfully put together, really did help me get through the difficulties connected
with my daughter.”

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