It’s Here! Helen Doron TV App Offers a Wide Variety of Free Content for All Ages

Helen Doron Educational Group is proud to announce its latest product offering. Providing pedagogic enrichment for parents, babies, children and teens, the Smart TV app brings the company’s unique digital assets into every home in a safe and secure educational environment.

Helen Doron’s innovative content is now available for free to anyone with a Samsung, LG, Roku, Apple or Android Smart TV, as well as a convenient web version. Content is divided per age group, with informational videos for parents and high-quality animations, assuring the best pedagogic content for kids of all ages.

Helen Doron TV supports and enhances learning for students enrolled in Helen Doron English program and children and teens interested in learning English in a fun and entertaining way—all in the comfort of their own homes.

Adolescents will enjoy the unique materials created specifically for their levels, designed to improve their English language skills. As teens worldwide must pass high-level English matriculation exams, Helen Doron TV is an excellent platform for practice their English. This can be accomplished by listening to interviews with celebrities and inspirational rising stars and influencers on many topics, TeenBuzz Radio student broadcasts, entertaining, educational podcasts, and more.

CEO and Founder Helen Doron comments. “All of the exclusive and innovative course animations we developed for babies, children and teens are now available to everyone, allowing children everywhere to learn from the value-laden stories full of exciting characters. We are also featuring a variety of helpful and supportive videos to help parents who are interested in raising healthy, bilingual children.”


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