Helen Doron Opens New Learning Studio in Emmendingen Southern Germany

Helen Doron Southern Germany Adds a New Learning Studio in Emmendingen

We’re pleased to announce that Silvana Ionica has established a new Learning Studio in the southwest area of Germany, close to the historic city of Freiburg.

After teaching there for nearly five years, Silvana decided to take the next step to establish her own Learning Studio. The lovely new studio, featuring the latest Helen Doron English branding, is located in Emmendingen, a small town with only 25,000 inhabitants.

Currently teaching around 40 children, Silvana will soon be able to take on more students as she has just hired an additional teacher to work with her.

Together with Emmendingen, the Baden-Wuerttemberg area in Germany now has 11 Learning Centres teaching over 2,000 students English using the effective, fun methodology.

We wish Silvana all the best for her new business and many happy students.

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