Helen Doron 2023 Master Franchisee Conference in-Person Reunion

International franchisees from the award-winning company and the head office team gathered together to impact, inspire, nurture, and support each other.

Every year the Helen Doron Master Franchise network meets to share information about business, pedagogy, and marketing. This year, back to normality, it was a pleasure interacting with everyone face to face. 

The Helen Doron Educational Group Master Franchisee Conference, held from March 27-29, 2023, in Antalya, Türkiye, was a momentous celebration of resilience and determination. The passionate business leaders came together once more, eager to share their experiences, wisdom, and renewed commitment to shaping the future of education. 

The conference, themed “Empowered by You – Together as One”, highlighted the spirit of individuals who, despite the challenges of the past years, continued to make a difference in the lives of young learners. As these master franchisees reunited, they forged an even stronger bond, embodying the idea that when many talented individuals unite for a common goal, they become greater than the sum of their parts. 

Throughout the three-day event, the attendees engaged in lively discussions of innovative business strategies, cutting-edge pedagogic updates, and the latest marketing trends. The atmosphere was electric, charged with the energy of people who had emerged from the pandemic with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to their mission. Together, they celebrated the joy of being together again and the incredible potential they held as a united force.

The motivated participants also benefited from a debate competition based on the new “It’s Always Debatable” course, learned about the latest digital tools, experienced the power of Artificial Intelligence, and were introduced to many new additions,  including the launch of Helen Doron Spanish and Helen Doron Academies in the US and the continued proliferation of the academies in Türkiye.

Milestone awards were presented to a number of Master Franchisees, commemorating 20+, 15 and 10-year anniversaries with the company.              

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CEO and Founder Helen Doron commented, “It was such a pleasure to finally meet in person once again following the long pandemic. Our franchise network is made up of individuals who have the power to move mountains on their own, but when we work together, we can move whole continents. That’s why we chose the conference theme of “The Power of One”. The demand for English language education, particularly for children, is booming. More and more parents are investing in their children’s future, recognising the importance of English fluency in a globalised world. Our proven methodology has flourished for decades, our teachers are the best-trained in the industry and love coming to work, and our franchisees are committed to improving the lives and future successes of the children in their communities. We are so privileged to be part of a company that helps children thrive and meet the needs of the future, becoming the leaders of tomorrow.”

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