Helen Doron English Embraces the AI Revolution with Curiosity Robotics

In the world of education, innovation is key. For over 40 years, the Helen Doron Educational Group has been at the forefront of teaching English to children, using a unique methodology that makes learning as natural and effortless as acquiring a first language. As part of our ongoing mission to revolutionise children’s education, we collaborate with Curiosity Robotics, an Israeli start-up company that shares our passion for transforming early childhood education.

Curiosity Robotics, backed by Helen Doron’s scientifically proven methodology, has developed an AI-powered robot named Aico. Equipped with Helen Doron English proprietary pedagogy and their patented SEEL (Social Emotional Early Learning) Engine, Aico nurtures emotional intelligence and social skills while translating children’s curiosity into knowledge. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with the core pillars of the Helen Doron methodology: fun, positivity, and natural language exposure.

The founding members of the Curiosity Robotics Board of Directors, from the left: Helen Doron: CEO & Founder of Helen Doron Educational Group | Yaron Bul: Chairman | Prof. Goren Gordon, head of the Curiosity Lab in Tel Aviv University, Chief Science Officer of Curiosity Robotics.

The collaboration between the Helen Doron Educational Group and Curiosity Robotics has been ongoing since 2018, working tirelessly to integrate Helen Doron English into Aico’s learning process. Now, Aico is ready to make waves in the English educational community.

As a founding member of the Board of Directors at Curiosity Robotics

As a founding member of the Board of Directors at Curiosity Robotics, Helen recently received a live demonstration of Aico in a local kindergarten. She was thrilled to see how the product implemented her methodology. “It’s wonderful to see how our pedagogy has been integrated into this cutting-edge technology,” said Helen. “I’m excited about the potential of AI in education and look forward to seeing how Aico will enhance English learning for children around the world.”

This June, Aico, was introduced to Israeli day-care centres and kindergartens for a pilot project. The programme’s success will pave the way for its commercial and further expansion across the country and, subsequently, across Asia and Europe. In the words of Yaron Bul, chairman and co-founder of Curiosity Robotics, “the technology is designed to tackle the global challenge of early English language acquisition, blending technology, pedagogy and human interaction.”

As we embrace the AI revolution, we see it as an opportunity for growth. AI can potentially change how learning and education are approached fundamentally, and we are excited to be part of this journey. By combining our proven methodology with Curiosity Robotics’ innovative technology, we aim to provide an enriching, effective, and enjoyable learning experience for children everywhere.

We wish Curiosity Robotics great luck in their endeavour and look forward to our continued collaboration. Together, we are creating a paradigm shift in education.

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