Helen Doron Educational Group Sponsors Nutrition Tour of Turkish Preschools

In keeping with the company’s emphasis on raising healthy, accomplished children, the Helen Doron Educational Group’s in-house nutritionist, British Certified Nutritional Therapist Ms Sonal Shah, recently visited all Helen Doron Academy preschools in Turkey. Complementing the unique methodology, which empowers children to reach their full potential, Ms Shah, who is responsible for developing healthy menus for all of the academies globally, was sent on a “nutrition tour” to meet with the Helen Doron Academies food-preparation teams throughout Turkey. With a focus on improving the daily offerings with new recipes and menus, the nutritionist was enthusiastically received and was available daily to answer questions from Helen Doron Academy staff and parents. She consulted with all teams to ensure all meals were not only child-approved but tasty and healthy as well.  Concentrating on curbing sugar intake and eliminating junk food means that the children’s energy levels remain steady throughout the day, supporting their ability to focus and learn.

nutritionist consulting with Academy chef


Viewing the child as a whole and aware of the important connection between body and mind, these unique preschool academies are devoted to supporting parents in raising their children to reach their full potential. Along with the excellent, multilingual programming taught through songs, movement, and games, every Helen Doron Academy supports delicious plant-based food in an atmosphere dedicated to sustainable, environmentally sound and ethical practices. With a focus on the importance of respecting and caring for themselves, other people, animals and the environment, this comprehensive approach contributes to raising healthy and happy children who become more productive adults and leaders.

As parents seek the best for their children, many choices are available, and many factors are discussed and considered when deciding on a preschool. Studies show how important this decision is, as academic research proves that a child’s preschool will affect their future successes even more than their later schooling years.

Children rely on their parents and teachers for the right balance of nourishment for healthy growth and development, which is vital to their overall well-being. These preschool years are magical, as children learn effortlessly. It is the perfect time to ensure they are properly educated, stimulated and nourished, developing good habits that will last them a lifetime.

View the Helen Doron Educational Group’s video series on How to Raise Healthy Children on YouTube.



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