Expansion of Helen Doron English Learning Centres in Spain, 2023

We are about halfway through 2023, and the expansion of Helen Doron English Learning Centres in Spain is exceptionally busy, driven by the growing demand from parents seeking quality English education for their children. Among the new additions are the learning centres in North Salamanca, Orihuela, Getafe Cerro Buenavista in Madrid, and Granada Albayda. Currently, there are 15,000 Helen Doron English students in 80 learning centres located throughout Spain, with another 10 projected to be joining them next year.

North Salamanca

The North Salamanca Learning Centre, strategically located in an area surrounded by schools, kindergartens, and residential neighborhoods, is led by franchisees Halyna Mirza and Carlos Guaza. This married couple, known for their warmth and professional competence, aims to establish Helen Doron English as the leading language school in Salamanca’s vibrant and historic city. The centre is designed specifically for parents seeking high-quality English education for their children. It features four spacious classrooms, a welcoming reception area, a comfortable waiting space, and a dedicated corner for young learners. The layout creates a contemporary and cozy atmosphere, providing an ideal setting for the students’ English-learningb journey.


In Orihuela (Alicante), Leyre Juan, the new Helen Doron Learning Centre Franchisee, has opened a delightful facility to serve the children in her hometown. Leyre, armed with degrees in translation and interpreting, gained valuable experience as a Language and Cultural assistant in the UK, where she also joined a musical theatre company. Her discovery of Helen Doron English combined her passions, allowing her to teach English while engaging children in fun and playful activities, songs, and storytelling. Opening a learning centre close to her family was the next step for Leyre, where she takes pride in her success in growing student numbers of all ages, fostering wonderful relationships with parents, and bringing value to her community

Leyre Juan Perez in her new Helen Doron English Learning Centre

Getafe Cerro Buenavista in Madrid

Estíbaliz Hernando López, the franchisee of Getafe Cerro Buenavista in Madrid, is an English Teacher Trainer who spent 20 years living in England before returning to Madrid. After experiencing dissatisfaction with the standard methodologies used in local primary schools, Estíbaliz, driven by her love for the English language, sought a way to open her own centre to excite children about learning English. Her research led her to the Helen Doron methodology, which offered exactly what she was looking for. In September, she opened her first centre and reports that her students are making beautiful progress. Estíbaliz proudly believes that her career decision benefits herself and the children in her community.

Estíbaliz Hernando López in her new Getafe Cerro Buenavista Madrid Learning Centre
Estíbaliz Hernando López in her new Getafe Cerro Buenavista Madrid Learning Centre

Granada Albayda

The learning centre in Granada Albayda is led by franchisees Anna Maria Poninska and Emilio Moreno González. This couple, who describe themselves as opposites that attract, were previously co-owners of a Helen Doron English Learning Centre in Poland before relocating to Granada. Anna, a language and music enthusiast, teaches English, while Emilio is an accountant and business manager. Witnessing their 3-year-old daughter’s English classes at a neighboring academy, they realized the unmatched quality of the Helen Doron methodology. With a desire to bring this magic to their new local community in Spain, they will open their centre in time for the September 2023 school year. Anna and Emilio express gratitude for the support they receive from the Helen Doron franchise community in Spain, as their hard work and dedication pay off.

Franchisee Emilio Moreno González
Franchisees Anna Maria Poninska

What do all of these passionate and diverse professionals have in common? They are all dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience and positively impacting their respective communities throughout Spain, with lots of guidance and support from the growing Helen Doron community.

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