Social Responsibility

Pride in Mentorship and Social Responsibility

Our company culture is grounded in a commitment to issues that impact children everywhere. From relieving distress in a crisis, to fostering understanding on a local level or promoting animal welfare, Helen Doron Educational Group takes a proactive role. We’re very proud of our social programs and have won three global awards for our role in mentorship.

We care about our local and global communities. It’s in our DNA!

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Young Heroes Campaigns

At Helen Doron English, we passionately believe that an active body fuels an active mind. Our recent “Young Heroes on the Move!” campaign, which ran from November 2023 to June 2024, was a testament to this philosophy. This initiative was designed to underscore the importance of regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, seamlessly integrating these values into our unique educational methodology.

We care about our local and global communities. It’s in our DNA!

Young Heroes 2024 helen doron values

Supporting NGOs

Helen emphasizes the importance of helping those in need whenever she is interviewed for television, radio, or newspapers. This aspect holds great significance for the Helen Doron Group. The group’s belief system places more emphasis on ethical benefits rather than promotional ones, and charitable efforts are considered a vital part of their overall mission. The Helen Doron Group is committed to promoting equality for minorities, animals, and all living beings. This commitment is reflected in the company cafeteria, where only vegan food is served.

Furthermore, the group actively supports various Animal Rescue Organizations that specialize in saving injured, abandoned, or neglected pets. They are dedicated to alleviating animal suffering and sponsoring programs to achieve this goal. Ms Doron sets an example by bringing her dogs to work, and she encourages employees to do the same.

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