Children’s Debating Skills Are Turning Households Upside Down

Children's Debating Skills Are Turning Households Upside Down

Get ready to witness the ultimate role reversal – children are now in charge! Thanks to Helen Doron’s “It’s Always Debatable” course, kids all around the world are now masters of persuasion. And as non-English speaking parents, well, let’s just say it’s time to start brushing up on your English debating skills.

You thought you had the upper hand in your household, but your little ones have taken over. They can now argue their way out of anything and convince you that black is white and up is down. Want them to turn off their tablet and go outside? They’ll argue that they need to stay indoors to avoid sunburn. Want them to eat their greens? They’ll convince you that a balanced diet consists of ice cream and candy.

And teachers, you’re not off the hook either. Your students have learned to argue their case with such skill that they could easily become lawyers or politicians. One minute you’re trying to teach them the periodic table, and the next thing you know, you’re in a heated debate about the merits of Fortnite.

Siblings beware, too. Your little brother or sister is no longer a pushover. They can now argue their way into getting the last slice of pizza, the remote control, and even your share of the inheritance.

In light of the chaos caused by the “It’s Always Debatable” course, Helen Doron, CEO of Helen Doron English, has released an official apology to parents and teachers worldwide. “We had no idea that the course would be this effective,” she stated in her apology. “We never intended to create a generation of expert debaters who can argue their way out of anything. We are truly sorry for the chaos and disruption this has caused in households and classrooms around the world.”

Parents and teachers alike have been left stunned by the sudden shift in power within their households and classrooms. One parent was quoted as saying, “I used to be the one in charge, but now my 6-year-old is the one calling the shots. It’s like they’ve suddenly become a mini lawyer, always ready with a counter-argument.” A teacher also commented, “I used to be able to get my students to do whatever I wanted, but now they’ve become so skilled at arguing their case that I feel like I’m the one being schooled!”

12-year-old Neil Brown, director of the global “Children Speak Out” organization, has praised the “It’s Always Debatable” course for empowering children to speak their minds. “For too long, children have been told to be seen and not heard,” Neil stated. “But thanks to Helen Doron’s course, children now have the tools to express their thoughts and opinions. It’s time we started listening to what they have to say.” While some parents and teachers may be left feeling frustrated and powerless, it seems that the children themselves are embracing their newfound power with open arms.

But don’t worry, parents and teachers. Your children’s newfound debating skills will come in handy someday. Who knows, they might even become successful salespeople or CEOs. And in the meantime, you can always enrol in the “It’s Always Debatable” course yourself and learn how to win an argument against a 5-year-old.

So, let’s all bow down to our little overlords and hope they use their powers for good. Or at least, not to convince us to let them stay up past their bedtime again.

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