A Milestone Tour Across Eastern Europe: Celebrating the Success of Helen Doron English Part 2

Helen Doron gives an interview on the Czech TV show "Sama Doma"

On to the Czech Republic!

The journey continued to our Opava Learning Centre in the Czech Republic, where Helen met with National Franchisee Marek Halfar and National Franchise Manager Barbora Tošenovská, as well as veteran Teacher Trainer, Misha Bravdova, to discuss a special Teacher Training project – which we will reveal soon!

Helen Doron with National Franchisee Marek Halfar and National Franchise Manager Barbora Tošenovská
Helen Doron with National Franchisee Marek Halfar and National Franchise Manager Barbora Tošenovská

The highlight of the visit was a live interview on the popular show “Sama Doma” (“Home Alone”) on channel “iVysílání”. With Barbora’s efficient real-time translation skills, Helen discussed her visit to the Czech Republic, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Helen Doron English in the country. She highlighted the success of the methodology, which now benefits 13,000 children across the Czech Republic, ranging from three months to 19 years old.

Helen elaborated on the foundational principles of her methodology, which mimics the natural way children learn their mother tongue through repeated background hearing and positive reinforcement. She shared, “Language is speaking. Language is understanding and reading or writing or different skills. But they didn’t know how to teach the speaking, and that’s our expertise.”

She also reflected on the origins of her method, inspired by the Suzuki method of learning music, which she adapted for language learning. “We have a mother tongue method of learning music. What’s wrong with us? Why don’t we have a mother tongue method of learning language?” she remarked.

Helen Doron English’s global reach now spans 40 countries, demonstrating the effectiveness of its approach. She attributed the franchise’s success to a combination of an excellent product, a true methodology, and fantastic, specially trained teachers. Helen noted, “The success is based on a drive to have children learn the best way possible, lead happy lives because they’ve had happy, positive education and are successful.”

Helen Doron English's global reach now spans 40 countries

The interview underscored the impact of early learning, with students excelling in English proficiency and passing prestigious exams like the Cambridge exams, showcasing the long-term benefits of the Helen Doron method.

This tour was a powerful reminder of the incredible community we have built over the past 40 years. From packed lecture halls to inspiring school visits and live television interviews, it is clear that the Helen Doron English methodology is more than just a teaching approach—it is a movement that empowers children, educators, and franchisees around the world.

Join us and become part of this extraordinary journey!

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