Spotlight on Panama​

Helen Doron Panama, in Panama City has some very exciting news!   They have relocated to a large, modern centre in the heart of the exciting and vibrant Calle 50 district. The strategic location offers free covered parking, handicap access, and proximity to clinics, cafes, restaurants, and various businesses. The beautifully decorated and branded learning centre is drawing a lot of attention from parents who know their children need English to succeed, and love that now there is a local place that makes it fun and easy.

According to Panama’s Helen Doron English Master Franchisees, Nelson and Juliana, “The state-of-the-art center is the perfect spot for students of all ages to learn English. Parents and students love the new vibe! Catering to kids aged 3 months old to 18 years old, they have separate, dedicated rooms for teens and children.

Nelson and Juliana are understandably very proud of the new facilities. “We recently hosted the inaugural Open House at our brand-new center. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with parents and students, giving them a firsthand look at our state-of-the-art facilities. The atmosphere was filled with joy as children indulged in face painting, games, and popcorn, creating a lively backdrop while parents engaged in meaningful conversations with our teachers and staff to learn more about our English programs for children.

The day was a celebration of togetherness, where laughter echoed through the halls, and everyone had a chance to connect. English proficiency has become essential worldwide, including in Panama. Gaining confidence in English from a young age is a valuable asset, opening doors to dream jobs, university opportunities, global travel, and connectivity. Many parents appreciate this aspect of our program.”

In the enthusiastic words of parents:

María Concepción (mother of María Esperanza – 6 years old) “We love Helen Doron!! I can see the evolution in my daughter’s speaking and understanding of English. I witness her enthusiasm for attending classes and the way they teach her is the best for her!… because she can be herself during the class and has fun while learning.”

Carlos Sifontes (father of Carlos and Daniel – 8 and 11 years old): “The greatest achievement is definitely confidence. I think, in summary, it covers everything… having vocabulary and grammar foundations has allowed them to overcome inhibitions when it comes to watching programs in English, talking with friends, and greeting and responding with great naturalness.”

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