All Children Are Born Mathematicians

Math is everywhere and children are naturally gifted with the creativity and understanding of its true nature. MathRiders provides your child a maths -rich environment, along with stories, games, songs and activities, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

A Proven Methodology

Helen Doron MathRiders is based upon a proven, successful methodology that understands children’s different learning styles and opens their minds to the language of mathematics. Children respond enthusiastically when math is presented in a fun, intuitive way.

Designed by child development and education experts, the MathRiders method promotes understanding of mathematics through fun activities and encouragement.

Building Confidence Through Positive Reinforcement

Children thrive in an environment that encourages them and builds self-confidence. Helen Doron-certified MathRiders teachers provide this positive encouragement in the classroom. The feeling of success brings motivation, which in turn brings more success.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Using a combination of small group learning (4-8 students), positive reinforcement, and a dynamic learning environment, students are kept engaged, developing a foundation for present and future success, building the leaders of tomorrow.

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For the Love of Mathematics with MathRiders

MathRider’s innovative and unique approach to teaching math is all about hands-on learning and turning real-life experiences into understanding math. Learning is fun, interactive, and effortless, bringing movement, music, puzzles, and activities into the classroom. MathRiders allows children to develop their natural mathematical thinking, confidence, and leadership skills based on a proven methodology.



Teachers Who Make a Difference

Children are natural-born mathematicians. Courses are personalized to students’ math abilities, making learning effortless and enjoyable with engaging content.



Helen Doron’s unique methodology to teach children mathematics in an interactive, experiential and fun way can nurture any child to fulfill their potential. Children absorb knowledge naturally and develop mathematical thinking and cognitive skills.

We have numerous opportunities for franchising with MathRiders, allowing for teaching in English or your native language, as per your market’s needs.

Population Size Franchise Model
4-10 million
Master Franchisee
Learning Centre Franchisee
Mini Learning Centre Franchisee
Learning Studio Franchisee
1 Million
Multi-Unit Developer**