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Experiential Learning, All in English

Your child will benefit from a progressive, All-English environment dedicated to joyfully educating the whole child in a warm and multi-disciplinary environment. At Helen Doron International, the small classes are action-packed, full of stimulating activities, games & original songs that make learning joyful and effective. Hands-on learning, through experience, makes learning meaningful and deepens comprehension. Growing up bilingual boosts your child’s brainpower, and classes are so much fun that children don’t realize they are absorbing a second language effortlessly!

Over three million children have benefited from Helen Doron’s ongoing dedication to excellence in education, and those numbers continue to multiply as we carry out our vision of shaping a brighter future.

Raising Happy Children

Helen Doron International encourages children to acquire knowledge through positive reinforcement, direct teaching, play-based learning, and lots of music. The curriculum is based on research worldwide and is carefully developed by a team of leading experts in pedagogy, early childhood education, and linguistics. Our goal is to raise healthy, confident, HAPPY children who are compassionate towards humanity, the planet, and all living creatures.

Joyful Education

At Helen Doron International, Helen Doron’s dream comes to life as we provide a stress-free, happy, stimulating, challenging, fun, delightful musical education for young children.


Our children receive the best All- English education with the best courses using an excellent methodology that we have successfully used for over 35 years. Students learn English like a mother tongue—effortlessly!


Our mathematics classes show children mathematics in the real world, and they learn how to write this in symbolic forms in their workbooks. They also learn science in a similar manner, with fun experiments that help them understand the role of science in their daily lives.

Language Through Movement

Multi-Music is a program that encourages children to sing and dance to songs in 7 languages while expanding their in-depth knowledge of the world. The program introduces language through visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic activities. First, children learn a song and dance in one of the languages. They are then introduced to an interactive narration of keywords from the song by a native language speaker. They SEE how the word is spelt and HEAR proper pronunciation. Follow-up games and activities using these keywords reinforce learning.  All children can learn and enjoy learning because of the variety of techniques.

Nurturing Body and Soul for Life

These courses, and so much more, are all here at Helen Doron International. Here your children receive a well-rounded education that nurtures both their bodies and minds.

The investment you are making in your children today profoundly affects their tomorrow. Research strongly indicates that the quality of kindergarten education directly impacts job satisfaction and future earning potential. We are here to make sure that your children’s daily life is fun and happy with a curriculum that will serve them well in the future.

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Raising Happy Children
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Laying the foundation for lifelong learning with Helen Doron International

Helen Doron International is a full-day All-English kindergarten for children ages 2 to 6 years. Based on over 35 years of experience in English-as-a-Second Language education, Helen Doron International offers an enriching, reassuring, and stimulating learning environment developed by the global leader in children’s English education. Children learn English easily and naturally through unique learning materials, structured activities, and play.

Laying the foundation for lifelong learning with Helen Doron International



Instilling a lifelong love of learning in our children.

We believe that education and our teachers’ role is to ignite curiosity and give our students the tools and confidence to deal with anything that the future brings them.

Our teachers are leaders and role models who love children. They have a lot of energy and patience to nurture students to bring out their curiosity and creativity in the most natural manner. Teaching in small groups ensures they get the opportunity and attention they deserve. We train our teachers to constantly bring excitement into the classroom and focus on the children as they enjoy their activities.

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Kindergarten children benefit from a progressive, All-English environment dedicated to joyfully educating the whole child in a warm and multi-disciplinary environment. The full-day curriculum is based on global research and carefully developed by leading experts in pedagogy, early childhood education, and linguistics.

Many franchise opportunities are available for Helen Doron International, bringing fun English immersion to the children in your area.

Population Size Franchise Model
4-10 million
Master Franchisee
School / Learning Centre Franchisee
Standalone Learning Centre Franchisee
Multi-Unit Developer**

**Multi-Unit Developer – Has Learning Centre and Learning Centres & Studios with goals similar to the Master Franchisee. However, the Multi-Unit Developer owns all the units in their area, and the model is without sub-franchising.

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