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Learning English is Fun and Easy!

Children love to learn and play, and they learn best when having fun. Children don’t enjoy sitting down for long intervals — that doesn’t motivate them to learn. Our lessons are full of enjoyable activities that stimulate the senses. With original songs, games, lots of conversation and interaction, learning English becomes an adventure. We teach kids from 3 months to 19 years, tailoring courses to all learning levels & learning styles. We make learning easy and meet the highest academic standards.

Where Children Come First!

At Helen Doron, children always come first. We’ve developed a way of teaching that speaks directly to them in a language they understand and one that guarantees the best outcomes. We promise to expose your child to a world of colourful characters, captivating stories, catchy songs and great games.

Proven Methodology

The Helen Doron teaching and learning method is based on years of experience and knowledge. Our focus on making learning fun, small groups, background hearing and positive reinforcement has been tested over time. Every class is designed with a variety of activities to cater to every learning style. Our unique learning materials feature original stories, songs and animations to make learning joyful and inspiring.

The Story of Helen Doron English: From Inspiration to Home-Based Business

More than 30 years ago, Helen Doron had a moment of inspiration while watching her young daughter learn violin through the Suzuki method. If Suzuki is teaching the language of music, why aren’t we teaching the music of language?” asked Doron.

As a linguistic scientist, she had a deep understanding of the mechanics of language. As a mother watching her children grow up bilingual, she saw the challenges involved in teaching children English as a second language.

With this insight, Helen Doron created a unique methodology for children from ages three months to 19 years to make learning a second language as easy and natural as learning their mother tongue.

She created action-packed lessons that were so much fun; the children didn’t realize they were learning English. Each lesson is full of enjoyable activities that use the different senses, so there is lots of interaction, conversations, games and songs.

From Local to Global, Learning English is FUN and Natural!

The business grew from a home-based business into a global franchise network, and Helen Doron’s vision of teaching English naturally, backed by her proven methodology and creative learning materials, including original songs, animated videos, and educational apps, opened a whole new world for teaching English as a foreign language.

More than three million children have learned English with the unique Helen Doron methodology. Today, Helen Doron English is an international educational franchise with more than 1,000 learning centres in 40 countries, and is still growing.

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Learn English as a mother tongue with Helen Doron English

You’re a parent who’s serious about your child’s future. You know that the key to that future lies in giving them the gift of mastering the English language – the language of high-tech, business, and one of the most spoken worldwide. The earlier children are exposed to a second language, the quicker they pick it up. Learning with Helen Doron’s unique and proven teaching methodology is easy and fun!

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The Golden Standard in Teaching

Helen Doron English teachers live & breathe the Helen Doron methodology and are passionate about giving children the gift of a second language. They enjoy the interaction and joyous teaching and take pride in students’ success. Our teachers enjoy a comprehensive training process, and once qualified, can teach at any Helen Doron English Learning Centre around the world. They benefit from being part of a unique & supportive community, where knowledge & experience are shared.

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Helen Doron English is a global leader in providing effortless, natural, mother-tongue English as a second language to children and teens. Already available in 39 countries, there are still plenty of franchise opportunities in various models so that you can find the best match for you.

Population Size Franchise Model
4-10 million
Master Franchisee
Learning Centre Franchisee
Mini Learning Centre Franchisee
Learning Studio Franchisee
Multi-Unit Developer**
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