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Learn English Online From Anywhere With The Successful, Proven Helen Doron Method!

With Helen Doron Connect online English lessons, your child can easily learn English, benefiting from decades of educational excellence with the unique Helen Doron methodology. Helen Doron Connect’s gamified lessons bring your child the spirit of our offline activities to online learning so that they can learn English naturally from anywhere!
Based on years of experience and knowledge, the Helen Doron Connect teaching method uses games, movement, songs, stories and LOTS of fun to maximize children’s natural love of learning and ability to absorb languages easily.

Successfully Learn English Online in a fun, natural and easy way!

Proven Methodology

The proof is over 35 years of teaching millions of children worldwide mother-tongue English naturally and joyfully while meeting the highest academic standards.

Interactive and Fun Learning

Bringing the famous Helen Doron fun, games, and songs to e-learning lessons, so now children ANYWHERE can benefit from Helen Doron online!

Qualified Teachers

Our devoted, English-speaking teachers are passionate about their jobs and love educating children. They maintain the highest teaching standards through ongoing training and qualifications, so your child is getting the best of the best e-learning lessons, no matter where you are located in the world!

Teaching Worldwide

The famed Helen Doron English network comprises more than 5000 teachers from all over the world. Understanding and appreciation of cultural differences are an essential part of our DNA. Helen Doron Connect has an established, ongoing training program and system tailored to support online English lessons, which are always exciting, entertaining, and stress-free!

Child learn English online in a fun way
Teacher teach English online lesson.



Interactive Gamified Learning Online

With Helen Doron Connect English lessons, your child can learn English online from anywhere in the world, benefiting from over 35 years of educational excellence with the unique Helen Doron methodology, using lots of songs and games! This innovative virtual English school includes hundreds of interactive games, thousands of original songs, and countless original videos and animations, making learning English online fun, interactive and entertaining.

Interactive Gamified Learning Online



Teach English to Students Around the World Online

Helen Doron Connect ESL Teachers, benefit from joining a reputable method, now adjusted to online learning. The lessons are gamified and full of action, and teachers can easily implement the full lesson plans, utilizing real-time support tools. The qualification process includes comprehensive training with original and exclusive teaching materials. Once qualified, teachers are authorized to use the Helen Doron badge and can open opportunities for online, as well as offline teaching.

Teach English to Students Around the World Online



Helen Doron Connect, our online product to teach English to children naturally and effortlessly, is based on 36+ years of the Helen Doron methodology’s proven success. Connect is now open to partner with individual affiliates and affiliate networks.

We offer a unique approach to online teaching based on our fun, hands-on, musical method, combining gamified lessons and a variety of unique tools for our qualified teachers.

We invite you to join our affiliate program, where you can benefit from our global reputation and awareness as leaders in children’s education and start collecting your revenues.

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