Child Wellbeing

At Helen Doron Educational Group, as part of our comprehensive approach, we are devoted to helping and guiding parents to raise healthy children who reach their full potential. This holistic focus includes creating a safe environment, providing the stimulation and encouragement they need, inspiring a healthy lifestyle and becoming a contributing member of their communities. Through our programmes and campaigns, they also receive guidance on respecting and caring for themselves, other people, animals and the environment. This all-inclusive approach contributes to raising healthy, happy children who become more productive grownups.

With that in mind, all Helen Doron programmes teach children in the most natural and delightful way, so learning is effortless, while ensuring that children are happy, motivated and constantly stimulated. Students enter an exciting world of colourful characters, captivating stories, catchy songs and great games, developed exactly for their age and stage. Backed by scientific proof, the main pillars of the methodology: repeated daily hearing, positive reinforcement, small groups of learners and teaching through interactive play are a tried and true recipe for confirmed educational success.

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You want your children to be intelligent and use their full potential. A healthy, nutritious diet promotes peak growth of brain cells, nerves, and tissues, making it easier for your child to concentrate, as well as improve their memory and intelligence. They even sleep better! By feeding them healthier food for their brains, they can function better.


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