Our learning programs give your child the gift of the unique methodology combining songs, games, movement, and lots of fun! Join over 3 million children who have already benefited worldwide!

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Learn English as a mother tongue with Helen Doron English

You’re a parent who’s serious about your child’s future. You know that the key to that future lies in giving them the gift of mastering the English language – the language of high-tech, business, and one of the most spoken worldwide. The earlier children are exposed to a second language, the quicker they pick it up. Learning with Helen Doron’s unique and proven teaching methodology is easy and fun!
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For the love of Mathematics with MathRiders’

innovative and unique approach to teaching mathematics is all about hands-on learning and turning real-life experiences into understanding mathematics. Learning is fun, interactive, and effortless, bringing movement, music, puzzles, and activities into the classroom. MathRiders allows children to develop their natural mathematical thinking, confidence, and leadership skills based on a proven methodology.
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Interactive Gamified learning online

With Helen Doron Connect English lessons, your child can learn English online from anywhere in the world, benefiting from over 35 years of educational excellence with the unique Helen Doron methodology, using lots of songs and games! This innovative virtual English school includes hundreds of interactive games, thousands of original songs, and countless original videos and animations, making learning English online fun, interactive and entertaining.
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Laying the foundation for lifelong learning with Helen Doron International

Helen Doron International is a full-day All-English kindergarten for children ages 2 to 6 years. Based on over 35 years of experience in English-as-a-Second Language education, Helen Doron International offers an enriching, reassuring, and stimulating learning environment developed by the global leader in children’s English education. Children learn English easily and naturally through unique learning materials, structured activities, and play.
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Watch Your Child Flourish with Helen Doron Academy

The Helen Doron is an all-day, multilingual preschool.  It promotes a love of learning through a unique, multisensory curriculum with lots of songs, movement, and games. The program includes spoken Spanish, reading and writing in English, science, multilingualism through song (seven languages), fitness through yoga, Pilates, dance, and much more.
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Children absorb Spanish as a second language

Spanish is a language officially spoken in 22 countries, and now your child can benefit from learning it easily and effortlessly, opening up their world for further communication and understanding of other cultures. The advantages bilingual children have are many, including increased brainpower and flexibility, better educational performance, and an increase ability to multitask.
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