Leaders in children education

With a background that includes 35+ years of leadership in children’s education, Helen Doron was the first to recognize the benefits of teaching all subjects interactively, as children learn best through hands-on activities.

35 Years of Excellence!

Internationally recognized through several education-related awards:
  • 2021 Stevie Award for Women in Business – Helen Doron Educational Group’s Most Valuable Corporate Response to Covid Pandemic
  • 2021 and 2020 Global Franchise Award in Global Mentorship
  • 2019 Global Franchise Award in Children’s Education

Global Awards

For three consecutive years, we have won prestigious Global Franchise Awards: for Best Children’s Education Franchise, for leadership in Mentorship and Support, as well as naming Helen Doron, CEO & Founder, as the 4th most Influential Businesswoman in Franchising 2020. 

helen doron global awards certifications

Research & Development


The company invests heavily in creating proprietary, original programmes and content, including songs, videos, animations, games and apps. The talented Pedagogic, Interactive and IT departments
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Helen Doron Educational Group has received a number of awards in the past few years, acknowledging excellence in education, franchise support, mentorship and leadership.
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Enhanced Learning Tools


All programs feature a wide variety of enhanced learning tools that students can use to enrich their learning at home, developed as part of the repeated hearing experience essential to all Helen Doron English courses. 
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Our Values

Helen Doron Educational Group is unique in putting values for life at the forefront of its teaching method, as well as within every level of its global network.
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