SUCCESS! English Benefits Children for Life

Slovenian siblings Noah, age 10, and his sister Elina, age 6, have attended classes for many years at Helen Doron English, Lendava.


Their mother, Anita, reports that all the parents of students in the learning centre are very happy with the choice they made to educate their children there. “Classes are based on a new and fresh approach, adapted to the child’s age & skills and supported by the most advanced and proven methods.”

Both children are excited about going to their lessons, and there is a significant difference between those who attend Helen Doron and those who do not. “Noah pointed out that in Helen Doron classes he can be much more involved. He can always express his opinion and is always in close interaction with the teacher. There is much more experiential learning (learning by doing through games, playing, music…)”

Anita reflects that she found Helen Doron through recommendations from friends, and she and her husband have recommended the school to many others, based on their positive experiences. She emphasized the importance of speaking good English. “English is a global language with which you communicate with the whole world. It opens a lot of doors in the business world and not knowing English these days is not an option. The methodology really works. With a proven method and highly skilled teachers, your child’s success is guaranteed.”


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