About Helen Doron English

Since 1985, Helen Doron English has taught over three million children to speak English as a second mother tongue.

How it Started

As a mother watching her daughter learning to play the violin according to the Suzuki Method, Helen had an “Aha! Moment” – “If Suzuki is teaching the language of music, why aren’t we teaching the music of language?”

As a linguistic scientist raising bilingual children, she realised how a new language could be taught joyfully and effortlessly, revolutionising English education.

A New Methodology is Born

Helen Doron created a unique methodology for children ages three months to 19 years that makes learning English as easy and natural as learning their native language.

Along with a team of pedagogic experts, she developed a series of programmes and a wealth of content to teach children naturally and effectively. Children enjoy the exciting activities, songs, and movement, and absorb knowledge through tangible experiences that stimulate all of their senses.

Where CHILDREN Come First

With the younger students we are able to utilise the window of opportunity for language learning and give them a head start, not only in English, but for all they will do in life. Taking a holistic approach to children’s education, we care for their emotional and physical well-being and educate them to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. We teach essential life lessons based on our core values. Our apps, online games, songs, and activities reinforce what is entertainingly taught in class.

For tweens and teens, we work closely with the neurodidactic principles discovered and team them with our methodology and learning materials; the result is a fast, easy, fun and very advanced learning experience.

We Teach English for Life.