Parents Make the Best Investment for Their Children’s Future

Back to school 2022-2023 is here, and classes are resuming at Helen Doron English for children’s learning centres and kindergartens on three continents. With so many choices on the market, parents everywhere are increasingly investing in bilingual kindergartens and after-school English programmes for their children. It is universally known that fluency in the global language, through which everyone in the world communicates and interacts, is a necessity.

Since 1985, over 3 million Helen Doron English students have benefitted from the power of English as a second mother tongue as an essential tool for their future plans – be it travelling or living abroad, building a career, success in higher education, science, and technology, or even entering the global entertainment/mass communication market. The sky is the limit when you have fluent English in your tool kit!

Giving your children the gift of learning English with Helen Doron is a gift that lasts a lifetime, helping children realise their dreams for the future. Language can draw people together, create new understanding, and build bridges. Language spoken with integrity and passion can inspire greatness and a shared vision for a better world.

Helen Doron English for children’s back-to-school 2022 courses were all developed by a team of pedagogic experts for every age and level.

Musical Learning. POWERFUL BRAIN

 Music is a core aspect of all Helen Doron English programmes. Music is an essential tool for learning English naturally and through fun in all of our lessons. in all of our lessons. For example, many of us still sing the alphabet song in our heads when trying to remember the position of a given letter. That’s the power of music – it is hard-wired into your brain because it has a memorable pattern. Music is so much more than just a source of entertainment; it is an important part of our lifetime of learning. Children listen to songs with key vocabulary playing in the background while they’re engaged in everyday activities at home. They continue learning English and reinforcing it in their brain in a natural and fun way, achieving language immersion.


Another important difference in Helen Doron’s after-school programmes is that only positive reinforcement is used. We all remember raising our hand in class to answer a question, only to be corrected. Many of us hesitated before raising our hands again.Children respond best to approval. When they feel confident, they dare to participate, speak up, step forward and contribute. Positive reinforcement is a fundamental part of the Helen Doron method. This is vital when learning a language since the important thing is to communicate, regardless of how perfect your grammar is. At Helen Doron, learning is a positive experience that empowers and motivates children to keep trying. We encourage children to practise repeated background hearing at home, listening to their favourite Helen Doron songs, which they know and feel comfortable singing anywhere, anytime.


 Think back on how you acquired English. Most of us were well into elementary school when we began memorising lists of irregular or compound verbs.

Your child doesn’t have to know how to read to learn English. With Helen Doron, children absorb English as naturally as they do their mother tongue. Seeing the word “lemon” next to a picture isn’t the same as feeling it, smelling it, and tasting it. It’s easier to remember vocabulary when experiencing it in various ways.

Instead of being fed lists and grammar, our students learn through hands-on experience. They process information in their own way, making it more memorable and meaningful. Our unique way of teaching encourages individual thinking that deepens children’s comprehension of the world.

Fun Interaction. OPENS THE WORLD

 For children, life lessons are more often learned on the playground than in the classroom. Games help children build meaning from their experiences, make sense of the world, and navigate different social situations.

That is why Helen Doron’s English classes are full of engaging, fun activities that allow children to figure out how to express their ideas rather than simply accepting guidance from a teacher. These interactions are important social activities through which children construct new knowledge and build confidence as competent speakers.


 Values of kindness, environmental consciousness, and non-violence cannot be taught by repeated instructions.  However, if you demonstrate the wanted behaviours and act as a role model, your child will most likely do the same.Helen Doron’s English courses work very much the same way. Our lessons indirectly teach children key values about caring for others and the world around them. The colourful characters featured in our original content tackle challenges and learn important life lessons. Our songs emphasise humanitarian and environmental values, and our games encourage children to demonstrate prosocial behaviour.

By acquiring the English language through Helen Doron, our students also gain vital life skills to navigate the world wisely, lead a healthy lifestyle, and positively impact the world.

ENGLISH. For your child’s future.