7 Reasons Why the Helen Doron Method is Parents’ First Choice

7 Reasons Why the Helen Doron Method is Parents’ First Choice

“A Helen Doron student joins a community of three million
children worldwide who have learnt English through our unique method.”

The Helen Doron english learning method is a unique approach to language learning that nurtures children’s cognitive abilities and helps them reach their full potential.

Offering programmes for students aged three months to 19 years, the method initiates language instruction early, when children are most receptive.

The method teaches English as a mother-tongue language, using English exclusively in the classroom and reinforcing it at home. This exposure to English, along with positive reinforcement, motivates children to progress quickly.

Here are seven reasons why parents prefer the Helen Doron English method:

  1. Effortless, Natural Learning: The method caters to children’s diverse learning styles, using games, movement, and songs to maximise their natural love of learning and language absorption.
  2. Personalised, Interactive Attention: Courses are taught in small groups, promoting group interaction and personal attention.
  3. Extraordinary Wealth of Content: Helen Doron English offers top-quality,age-appropriate materials for a wide age range—from 3 months to 19 years.
  4. Qualified Teachers: Our teachers, who are passionate about teaching children, have passed a comprehensive Teacher Training course to learn the unique methodology and use our proprietary teaching materials. They also attend ongoing seminars to stay updated on the latest pedagogic developments and new programmes.
  5. Academic Excellence: Children at Helen Doron make rapid progress in their school English studies and excel in other subjects, thanks to the method’s holistic development approach.
  6. Spiral Learning: The method uses “spiral learning,” teaching a concept gradually and repeatedly, reinforcing them over time.
  7. Fun and Interactive Classes: Children look forward to their classes because they enjoy the interactive and social learning environment with their peers and teacher.